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My Happy Birthday Book

Ages 1 - Adult

Hooray! Hooray!
It's a special someone's
Extra-special day!
A picture-perfect, personalized birthday gift for kids and adults alike. Add your own photos to this fabulous book!

  • Take a walk down memory lane. Use the photos you put in the book to spark conversations about memorable events in their lives (prior birthdays, their birth, parents lives before they were born etc.)
  • Make up your own Happy Birthday song! The book has a special fun Happy Birthday verse to sing to your child. Better yet, see if you can come up with additional verses together!
It's someone's birthday, someone extra-special. Help your loved one guess whose birthday it is by adding photos and other clues that help them figure it out! Then sing our extra-special personalized birthday song at the end!
  • Add your own photos into the book to make this Photostory a memento to treasure for years!
  • Add a personalized happy birthday message for an extra-personal touch that gets printed into the book.
  • Enter their name so they become the star of their own birthday story! Their name is printed in various pages in the book.
  • Include their age and see a calendar of the month they were born!
  • 2 baby photos of birthday child
  • 1 photo of parents and child at birth
  • 4 photos of birthday child
  • 2 photos of prior birthdays
  • 2 photos of parents (before baby)
  • 1 photo of whole family
  • 12 photos total

    Note: If you don't have a photos to put in, a default illustration is printed in its place.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Flo O
Well worth it!

Gifted a personalised photostory book to my friend for her son’s first birthday. She not only loved it but cried as it was one of the most thoughtful gifts he has received so far.


Great ! We love it so much!

Selim Ucer
Love it

This is the cutest book I’ve ever gotten for my son. I love the personalized pages and poem starting with the every letter of my son’s name. Such a unique design and amazing story. Definitely recommend it.

kathija Chandrakumar
Happy to purchase this amazing book

I purchased the book for my daughters 5th birthday, Actually this book is so good and they did a great job with lots of love ❤️ happy with purchase specially my daughter is love this book ❤️ Many thanks ☺️ kids will be so happy

Aakansha L
Wonderful quality

Very happy with purchase. They came out amazing!