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Personalized Birthday Book FAQs

It's super easy! In general follow these simple steps:

- Enter your loved one's personal details including their name and date of birth.

- Enter a personal message for them, or just leave the default dedication (which is also fabulous)

- Use the PhotoEditor to add your photos. You can upload your photos from your computer, and then simply drag and drop them into the frames provided.

- Checkout and then wait while our magic elves get the printed and shipped to you!


To be honest, we originally created our birthday book for children, but it so happened that tons of people were ordering it for grown-ups as well!

We realized the book is actually perfect for all ages and just love the serendipity of it all!

It's really super easy. Just go to the Happy Birthday page, enter your loved one's personalized details. After that you will be taken to the Photo Editor where you can preview the book and add your photos.

The areas where you can add photos will be clearly marked out in the Photo Editor.

You can upload photos directly from your computer or phone and then simply drag and drop them into the correct areas.

Photos can be rotated, cropped and a whole lot more if needed.

We recommend you use the Photo Editor on a large screen. Doing it on your phone is possibe, but just a bit harder!


You can enter a personalized note to your loved one that is printed right into the book.

All books are printed within 2 business days. Regular shipping can take anywhere from 3 to 8 days depending on where you are and how far you may be from one of our printer partners.

We deliver all around the globe! We have printing partners in various countries and depending on the destination, the book is printed and shipped accordingly. On the Checkout page, we list the expected delivery time once you have specified the destination.