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This is your child's custom book.

A personalized book is about your child.
A gift that lets their imagination run wild.

Personalized from the heart.

Each book comes with a custom dedication,
It's printed in the book for any occasion.

Every book is a good deed.

Every book you buy is its own good deed,
A part of each sale goes to Room to Read.

What Will I Be?
An A-B-C Story!

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My Happy Birthday

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We deliver worldwide, but depending on where you are, delivery times may vary.

Regular Mail:
- USA: 3 to 8 business days
- United Kingdom: 3 to 5 business days
- Canada: 4 to 6 business days
- Europe: 4 to 10 business days
- India: 3 to 5 business days
- Rest of the World: 7 to 14 business days

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About Manimal Tales Personalized Books

Manimal Tales is a publisher of beautifully illustrated personalized books. We have personalized books for children and adults. From birthday books to new baby tales, and from bedtime stories to ABC books, we have custom books for all occasions!

We even offer PhotoStories, our personalized picture books with photos.

At Manimal Tales, we fervently believe every child should be the hero of their own story!

Personalized books (or custom books as they are sometimes referred to) allow the reader to become the hero of the story - literally.

The main character in the story is the reader / receiver of the book, and is represented by an avatar that looks like them. There are usually lots of additional personalized details printed in the stories, including the receiver's name, age, family members and more.

Our PhotoStories offer a whole new level of personalization by allowing you to add your own photos into the story and have them printed out with the book.

Browse through our collection of custom books to see which ones work for your loved ones!

It's super easy to personalize your own book!

Browse through our collection of personalized stories and select the titles you want. On the product page, add the details required to personalize the book (name, age, family members, photos etc.). You can then preview the entire book before you buy, so you know exactly what you're going to get!

Once you're satisfied, add the book to your cart, enter your payment details and your unique, one-of-a-kind personalized book will arrive on your doorstep in 6 to 9 days!

We have books for all ages and occasions! On the menu bar at the top of the page you can filter through our collections of personalized books by a variety of different criteria.

We have personalized books for:

- Birthdays

- New babies / baby showers

- Bedtime books

- Back To School / ABC books

- Seek & Find books

We also offer custom books with engaging stories about:

- Friendship and bravery

- Standing up for your beliefs

- Animal rights and adventure

We have personalized books across all ages:

- 0 to 3 years

- 3 to 6 years

- 6 years and above

- Adult stories

Lastly we have our PhotoStories, which allow users to upload photos and have them become part of the story!

- Happy Birthday Personalized PhotoStory

- Your Baby's Personalized PhotoStory

We have the capability of shipping the books anywhere in the world where there is a postal system!

We have printers in various countries and depending on where you order from, the book is printed from the closest location and shipped to you directly from there!

Nothing beats getting a book with your name on it!

Personalized books are treasured and loved by all, and make great keepsakes.

We offer custom books for all occasions, ensuring you will always find a book to meet your needs.

Sadly not. Since each book is customized for a specific person, it’s not possible for us to sell the books through traditional retailers.

They are only available through our website and Amazon (coming soon). If you’re concerned about the quality of the book, don’t be – these are beautiful books printed to the highest available quality.

You can always reach us by filling out our Contact Form.