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  • 5 of the Most Popular Personalized Children’s Books

    We read some of the most popular personalized children’s books out there, so you don’t have to! Here’s a list of 5 books that are perfect for giving your little one some extra confidence, teaching them to be kinder, and encouraging them to let their imagination run wild. 
  • Kids read 'The Grumpopotamus' by Sue Donhym

    Meet the dreaded Grumpo’. Who will un-grump this fellow? Sign your child up for this venture, They'll set off on a great adventure! Listen as kids read out loud 'The Grumpopotamus' by Sue Donhym.
  • The Conversation Corner #2

    When Siddharth isn’t curled up with an Enid Blyton book, he’s dressing up as his favourite character, Moonface, for his school’s online book week. And when he’s not doing that, he’s painting pictures of tulips, poppies and.. 
  • Facebook Advertising Has Totally Sucked for Small eCommerce Companies During the US Elections

    Let’s be honest. I couldn’t exist without Facebook. Without Facebook, I would be a business without customers. So, I love Facebook. And yet, my frustrations with the company and its service continue to grow and grow.
  • Sincerely, A More Fun Quarantine #2

    Boredom's soon long gone, and here's why, 
    We've got a special surprise for you from Stutterfly.
  • Should Kids Be Exposed To Politics?

    In this day and age, it’s almost impossible not to talk about politics with your kids. The Orangey-Tan has made the environment so toxic, and so much about himself, that whether you want to or not, you may well have to talk about politics, if only to draw a contrast between the values you believe in, and those that he tramples upon every day.
  • Sincerely, A More Fun Quarantine #1

    We know it isn’t fun staying at your house, 

    So here’s a scavenger hunt from Anonymouse. 

  • The Conversation Corner #1

    Before he could properly hold a book, Adhyaan Alva was into stories.  When he was a toddler, he would curl up with his mom or dad and pester them to read to him.  At six, he doesn’t need to ask anyone.  He grabs a..
  • The Orangey-Tan [The Director's Cut Version]

    Author’s Note: The earlier drafts of the Orangey-Tan story were considerably longer, more vituperative and a lot less kid-friendly than the final version. I thought it would be...
  • Black Lives Matter To Orangey-Tan

    One of the best things about writing the Orangey-Tan was that it was a cathartic experience, an escapist fantasy about nutty world leaders (and I don't mean just ol' Orangey) and what to do about t...