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  • The Conversation Corner #1

    Before he could properly hold a book, Adhyaan Alva was into stories.  When he was a toddler, he would curl up with his mom or dad and pester them to read to him.  At six, he doesn’t need to ask anyone.  He grabs a..
  • The Orangey-Tan [The Director's Cut Version]

    Author’s Note: The earlier drafts of the Orangey-Tan story were considerably longer, more vituperative and a lot less kid-friendly than the final version. I thought it would be...
  • Black Lives Matter To Orangey-Tan

    One of the best things about writing the Orangey-Tan was that it was a cathartic experience, an escapist fantasy about nutty world leaders (and I don't mean just ol' Orangey) and what to do about t...