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  • Five Reasons Why Personalized Books Make The Perfect Gift

      Personalized books have become a popular gift option for people of all ages. They offer a unique and special touch to a traditional gift, allowing the recipient to feel seen and heard. Here are f...
  • Why buy your child a Personalized Book?

      Personalized children's books have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. There are several advantages to personalized books, especially when compared to regular child...
  • The Best Personalized ABC Book for Toddlers

    The Manimal Tales personalized alphabet book is one of the best ABC books you could get your kids - because it’s the ultimate immersive, delightful, and imaginative alphabet journey that your child will ever go on! The ABC, What will I be? book talks about all the fun things a child could grow up to be. And they're not the usual boooring professions, but fun ones that will excite and stimulate their imagination. It's the perfect alphabet book for toddlers!
  • Five lessons from Dreamland. a personalized children's bedtime book

    Imagination and creativity are redefined in this personalized children’s book centred around your child as the starlet of the story. In the rhymes nestled on each page of Dreamland, every flip brings something new to shape your child’s dreams. This is Dreamland for you and your little one settling down for a magical and restful night’s sleep.
  • Five Lessons The ZooKeeper Teaches Your Kid

    One day, DandyLion goes for a walk in Manimal Forest and gets captured by the mean ZooKeeper! What happens when he’s being made to perform at the Zoo so the ZooKeeper can make some money? A brave H...
  • A Full List of all Affiliate Networks

    Last week, I cribbed and moaned about how affiliate networks are the best / easiest way to get coupons listed on sites across the Web - except that joining a major affiliate network is EXPENSIVE! A...
  • List of Coupon Sites To Submit Your Coupon Codes (2022)...And Other Thoughts on Small Businesses Using Coupon Sites for SEO

    (Click here to scroll directly down to the list if that’s all you care about) Someone told me that coupon sites are a great way to get additional SEO backlinks and eventually traffic. Building up ...
  • Manimal Tales Newsletter July 2022: New Personalized Book Titles

    Sue Donhym and her elves have been busy at work amazing creating new personalized books for you!

    • A beautifully illustrated (and personalized!) seek-and-find book featuring the KarmaChameleon
    • A magical and dreamy personalized bedtime story book for little children
    • An amazing A-B-C book with hilarious professions your child could grow up to be
    • Our new Happy Birthday and New Baby PhotoStory books, where you can add your own photos into the personalized books
  • ManimalTales Newsletter July 2022: Introducing PhotoStories

    PhotoStories are a great new way to personalize storybooks. Upload your own photos into our stories, and have them become part of an amazing book you can share with your loved ones. It's the future of personalized books, and we're super excited to be the first in the world to bring these to you! They're personalized picture books with photos!
  • Santa’s Christmas Elves: Their Names, History and More About Them

     I'm writing a personalized Christmas PhotoStory about your child and an elf named Jingles. That got me thinking about Christmas elves. What's the history behind the elves? How many elves are there? What are their names? We know so much about Santa's reindeer, but surprisingly little about the elves!

    Well not anymore!

  • Say ‘Hello’ to Photostories!

    PhotoStories are a great new way to personalize storybooks. Upload your own photos into our stories, and have them become part of an amazing book you can share with your loved ones. In other words, PhotoStories are delightful stories where you can insert your own photos into the books and have them be part of the story. It’s like a storybook and photo album all rolled into one, and a great way to capture and share memories with your kids.
  • April Fools!

      Happy April Fools Day! Even though we maybe slightly wish this were true.