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Meet The Manimals

Sue Donhym

Sue Donhym is the author's pseudonym.
No one knows much about her (or him!)


Though this mouse is quiet and shy,
She’s a great friend and brave ally.


This big deer thinks he’s very bright.
But is he actually brainy? Not quite…


He’s an armadillo who loves to say hello.
You couldn’t meet a more charming fellow!


This fancy lion loves to look good.
He’s also King of the Wood!

Fat Cat

This cat is filthy rich and fully flabby,
But he’s always wanting more, greedy tabby.


This hippo is always, always grumpy.
When he’s around, others feel jumpy.


This nightingale is courageous and kind,
But her singing will drive you out of your mind!


No good can be said about this orangutan.
He’s an obnoxious monkey with an evil plan.


He’s a sensible and steady sort of butterfly.
Yes he stutters, but he’s still a stand-up guy.


This dog is unlikely to win a fight.
But we still always hope he might!


This rhino is whingey all the while.
He whines so much it almost makes you smile!