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Five Reasons Why Personalized Books Make The Perfect Gift


Personalized books have become a popular gift option for people of all ages. They offer a unique and special touch to a traditional gift, allowing the recipient to feel seen and heard. Here are five reasons why personalized books make the perfect gift:

  • A Personalized Book is a Thoughtful and Unique Gift
  • When you give a personalized book, you are giving something that is truly unique and thoughtful. Unlike a generic gift card or generic book, a personalized book is tailored specifically for the recipient. Personalized books show that you put thought and effort into finding the perfect gift for that person, and that you took the time to create something special just for them.

    An example of a unique and thoughtful personalized book that makes a great gift is our “Happy Birthday PhotoStory.” The book is highly personalized, incorporating not just the child’s name but also their birthday and other personal details. Best of all, it is a PhotoStory, one of our unique books that allows customers to upload their own photos and have them become part of the book. In the Happy Birthday book, the parents can add photos of the child from when they were a baby, current photos, photos of the family and more to make it a truly personal gift that cannot be duplicated at all!

  • Personalized Books Can Encourage Reading and Learning
  • Personalized books can also encourage reading and learning, especially for children. When children see their name and personal details included in a story, it can spark their interest and excitement to read more. This can lead to a love of reading and a desire to learn more about the world around them. 

    One U.S. study found that adding personalized aspects to school reading books, reading comprehension scores improved by 40% compared to peers reading non-personalized stories.

    One example of a personalized book that encourages reading and learning is our "ABC - What Will I Be?" book. This children's personalized book goes through the alphabet and walks the child through a list of whacky and imaginative professions they could be. The language is simple enough for a young toddler to read or follow along with, and as an added bonus, the child’s name is hidden on every page, making it a fun activity they can play as they read the book. The book can be customized with different characters to represent the child, making it a truly unique and special gift.

  • A Personalized Book Can Be a Keepsake
  • Personalized books can also serve as a keepsake, something that the recipient can treasure for years to come. Unlike a traditional gift that may eventually be forgotten or replaced, a personalized book is a unique and special item that can be cherished and passed down through generations.

    At Manimal Tales, we have launched a whole series of books called PhotoStories, that are a great new way to personalize books and make them keepsakes. PhotoStories are part photo albums and part stories. Users can upload their own photos and have them become part of the story. We have a range of titles including our newly launched “About My Mother” and “About My Father” titles that are perfect gifts for parents, and our “Happy Birthday”, “Your Baby’s Story” and “Jingles Christmas Adventure” titles are perfect for birthdays, new babies and Christmas respectively. 

  • Personalized Books Can Boost Self-Esteem
  • Personalized books can also help boost self-esteem, especially for children. When a child sees their name and personal details included in a story, it can make them feel special and important. This can lead to increased confidence and self-esteem, which can have a positive impact on their overall well-being.

    This has always been a particularly relevant point for us and is actually one of the main reasons Manimal Tales was founded in the first place. According to the Cooperative Children's Book Center (CCBC) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in 2021, of all children’s books with human characters, 47% had main characters who were white. “Part of the reason I started writing personalized children’s books was to address the appalling lack of diversity in children’s books,” says Sue Donhym, our author and founder. 

    Our Manimal Tales series of stories dedicated to positive, progressive messages for children. Each title is focused on a particular empowering message for the child and makes the child the hero of that particular story. The Oiligator for example deals with climate change and the little things that children can do to help the environment; the Orangey-Tan talks about the importance of standing up for your beliefs and against injustices of any kind; the Grumpopotamus discusses the importance of of friendship and about being brave; and the ZooKeeper is a rollicking adventure story and also talks about friendship and bravery.

  • Personalized Books Can Strengthen Relationships
  • Finally, personalized books can strengthen relationships, whether it's between parent and child, partners, or friends. When you give a personalized book, you are creating a special and meaningful experience that can bring people closer together. It shows that you care about the person and value your relationship with them.

    Example of personalized books that can strengthen relationships are our “Your Baby’s Story” and “About My Mother” and “About My Father” books. Each of these books covers key moments in the lives of those nearest and dearest to you; and each one allows you to supplement the story with your own real photos, creating a book that is both magical and meaningful. These are also books that you can pick up years later and relive memories with!


    Personalized books make great gifts. The best personalized books though are ones that go deeper than just the surface level simplicity and offer greater levels of personalization through photos, added personal information to create memories and keepsakes that are treasured by the recipients for years to come!

    General Questions

    Manimal Tales is a publisher of beautifully illustrated personalized books. We have personalized books for children and adults. From birthday books to new baby tales, and from bedtime stories to ABC books, we have custom books for all occasions!

    We even offer PhotoStories, our personalized picture books with photos.

    At Manimal Tales, we fervently believe every child should be the hero of their own story!

    Personalized books (or custom books as they are sometimes referred to) allow the reader to become the hero of the story - literally.

    The main character in the story is the reader / receiver of the book, and is represented by an avatar that looks like them. There are usually lots of additional personalized details printed in the stories, including the receiver's name, age, family members and more.

    Our PhotoStories offer a whole new level of personalization by allowing you to add your own photos into the story and have them printed out with the book.

    Browse through our collection of custom books to see which ones work for your loved ones!

    It's super easy to personalize your own book!

    Browse through our collection of personalized stories and select the titles you want. On the product page, add the details required to personalize the book (name, age, family members, photos etc.). You can then preview the entire book before you buy, so you know exactly what you're going to get!

    Once you're satisfied, add the book to your cart, enter your payment details and your unique, one-of-a-kind personalized book will arrive on your doorstep in 6 to 9 days!

    The short answer is that it depends on the personalized book title in question!

    All books will have your loved one as the main protagonist and their name will be printed on the book cover as well as in the story.

    In some of our books like Dreamland and What Will I Be? the (the An ABC Story) your loved one's name is printed on every page.

    In our Manimal Tales series, in addition to your child's name, you can select an avatar that looks like your child.

    In our custom baby tales, Your Baby's Story and Your Baby's Story (Sibling version), you have to enter names and select avatars for the parents and the siblings as well.

    And for our PhotoStories, you can further customize the books by uploading and adding your own photos directly into the book. The stories have been written to incorporate the photos as part of the story itself.

    Whichever personalized book you do choose, we guarantee your loved one's will love our custom tales just as much as we do!

    We have books for all ages and occasions! On the menu bar at the top of the page you can filter through our collections of personalized books by a variety of different criteria.

    We have personalized books for:

    - Birthdays

    - New babies / baby showers

    - Bedtime books

    - Back To School / ABC books

    - Seek & Find books

    We also offer custom books with engaging stories about:

    - Friendship and bravery

    - Standing up for your beliefs

    - Animal rights and adventure

    We have personalized books across all ages:

    - 0 to 3 years

    - 3 to 6 years

    - 6 years and above

    - Adult stories

    Lastly we have our PhotoStories, which allow users to upload photos and have them become part of the story!

    - Happy Birthday Personalized PhotoStory

    - Your Baby's Personalized PhotoStory

    Nothing beats getting a book with your name on it!

    Personalized books are treasured and loved by all, and make great keepsakes.

    We offer custom books for all occasions, ensuring you will always find a book to meet your needs.

    You can always reach us by filling out our Contact Form.

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