Say ‘Hello’ to Photostories!

The perfect personalized gift is finally here! 



Personalized books are an amazing trend that has been around for a while, but what better way to push the envelope on personalizing our stories than with your photos!

PhotoStories are a great new way to personalize storybooks. Upload your own photos into our stories, and have them become part of an amazing book you can share with your loved ones. In other words, PhotoStories are delightful stories where you can insert your own photos into the books and have them be part of the story. It’s like a storybook and photo album all rolled into one, and a great way to capture and share memories with your kids. You can also personalize the names, characters, dates, and a whole host of story elements.

We at Manimal Tales are very proud to launch this entirely new kind of personalized book! As far as we can tell, it’s a level of personalization that has never been done before! You won’t find PhotoStories anywhere else!

Oh, and kids absolutely love seeing pictures of themselves and their loved ones in the books. We speak from experience here, having extensively tested our PhotoStories with our own families and friends. These books become instant classics for the kids, and they will come back to them again and again and again. They also end up as beautiful mementos and keepsakes for parents, and something they can refer to many years hence.

We currently have two titles on offer as PhotoStories: The Happy Birthday Book and Your Baby’s Story. 


The Happy Birthday Book

The Happy Birthday Book is quite possibly the best birthday gift in the world (we’re biased, but still). It’s a great keepsake, is beautifully and exuberantly designed, with great rhyming text, and allows for uploading multiple pictures of the child in question, along with their mother, father, and family. In addition to the photos, it’s also personalized based on their name, and birthday and allows for a custom dedication as well!


Your Baby’s Story

This title was the original inspiration for PhotoStories! The book is a beautifully illustrated bedtime story that humorously tells your child how they came to be. With the addition of photos, the story becomes even richer and much more personalized! You can add in photos of the parents before the child was born, as well as baby photos for the child, transforming the book from a bedtime story to a treasure chest of memories that the parents and the kids can dip into from time to time!


Making a PhotoStory

Making a PhotoStory is incredibly easy. All you have to do is pick a title, put in your child’s name, and date of birth, customize the characters and enter a custom dedication if you want to. 

You’ll be shown a full preview of the book, where you can browse through the pages, and then insert your photos through our simple, easy-to-use Photo Editor!



You can drag and drop, crop, rotate, enlarge and edit the photos as needed, so your photos look like they were always a part of our story. 


The best part of our PhotoStories is that you can save your project and come back and finish it later! We know it can be hard to track down the perfect pictures. So don’t worry - you can start your PhotoStory book, and we’ll save it for you to finish another time.



We’ll Say It Again.
Our PhotoStory books make great gifts for kids, parents, and grandparents and are just perfect for special occasions like birthdays, and baby showers. It’s honestly the best-personalized gift out there (even if we do say so ourselves)!

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