Our Little Bit to Support All Of Us Staying at Home

It's not easy.

Not when you have one or more jobs to juggle remotely; or worse, when you have to go out when everyone is staying in. Not when your kids are being home-schooled remotely, and have nowhere to go when school's out.

Not when that virus is out there.

So we figured we would do our little bit to help make staying at home a litte more fun.

You can now make *free* digital ebooks of all the books on the site.

Give them as gifts. Read them to your loved ones. Send them to friends. Create as many as you want. Whatever makes you happy.

Of course you're welcome to order physical books too. While our India printer is shut, we are currently printing and shipping books from the UK worldwide. 

Stay home. Stay safe.


How To Make Your Digital eBooks:

  1. Select a book to personalize.
  2. Enter the details requested to customize your book and go ahead and preview the book.
  3. On the Preview Book page, you will see the new section that allows you to email the eBook version of the book to whomever you choose.
  4. Instructions on how to view the digital eBook will be in the email and are also available on this page.
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