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My Christmas Adventure

Ages 3 - 8

The Grrrimp is on the loose. Jingles the elf let him into the house and now he's destroying all things Christmas. What can be done? Who will save the day? (Hint: it's your loved one!).

This is the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones! Add your own photos into the book to personalize it even more!

  • Discuss the real meaning of Christmas with your children. Is it really just about gifts or is it about giving?
  • Christmas is celebrated in many different ways around the world. Talk about how other people celebrate Christmas.
  • Naughty or nice? Most people are both! Talk about how we shouldn't put simple labels on people.
Jingles the elf has come to check if your child has been naughty or nice. But he leaves a window open and the Grrrimp comes into the house! Now the Grrrimp is destroying all things Christmas. See how your child saves the family Christmas (with a little Christmas magic and help from Jingles!). With your photos!
  • Enter your child’s first and last name and have them find save the family Christmas from the Grrrimp!
  • Choose their character to make them the hero of the story.
  • Enter the place they live to further personalize the story.
  • Enter a personal message to them that is printed into the book itself.
  • 4 photos of your loved one
  • 1-3 family photos
  • 1 photo of the family holiday card
  • 6-8 photos total

    Note: If you don't have a photos to put in, a default illustration is printed in its place.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Such a special keepsake that we will look forward to looking at each year. Unbelievable value for the quality. 

Jennifer Treis
Tuckers Christmas adventure

I absolutely love it it turned out great I cannot wait to give it to him at Christmas

Stephanie Uyar
My Christmas Adventure PhotoStory

Such a beautiful book, lovely personalisation throughout and gorgeous illustrations. A massive hit with both my girls 🥰

Absolutely fantastic

Such a brilliant book! A lovely way to get children involved in the story! Totally wonderful and I can’t wait to order more!

A must-have holiday book

A heartwarming story that is made even sweeter with being able to personalize it with your little one’s name. I know this will be read for years to come.