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Halloween Games For Toddlers

If you’re looking for last-minute Halloween games for toddlers - you’re in the right place! We know trying to find a way to keep little monsters (a.k.a toddlers) busy can be quite a daunting task. But look no further - here are eight games that are great for toddlers for Halloween. 


1. Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin

This one is pretty self-explanatory! Print out a large pumpkin, and cut off the stem. Once you do, you can attach some masking tape to the stem. Blindfold one toddler at a time and have them try to place the stem as close to the right point on the pumpkin as possible. The toddler that places the stem the closest, wins! 


2. Candy Corn Relay Race

Divide the toddlers into teams and have them stand in a line. Set up two bowls at two ends - one filled with candy corn, and the other empty. Toddlers have to transfer all the candy from one bowl to the other only using a spoon. The first little team of toddlers to finish transferring all the candy wins the game. 


3. Candy Corn Catch

Each toddler - pair has to work together to catch the most amount of candy corn. One partner throes candy corn, and the other tries to catch it in a plastic pumpkin tied around their waist. At the end of a certain amount of time, the toddler pair that has the most amount of candy in the plastic pumpkin wins the game. 


4. Wrapping the Mummy

No prep - but lots of clean-up. Depending on how big your group of toddlers is, either divide them into multiple groups or just have one group. Each group can select their own mummy (and by mummy, we literally mean you, mothers!), and the other toddlers can get to wrapping! Give each team a couple of rolls of toilet paper and let them loose. You can either play the game for a stipulated period of time - at the end of twitch, the best-wrapped mummy’s team wins the game, or you can just play without a time limit and let the toddlers have their fun. 


5. Halloween Cup Knock Down

For this game, you can draw little spooky faces on small white cups. You can then stack the cups in a pyramid-like shape and have the toddlers try and knock down as many cups as they can with a small ball. The toddler that knocks off the most number of cups wins the game. 


6. Witch Hat Ring Toss

This game requires a little more prep than the others on the list - but not too much. To play the game, you need to make witch’s hats that are about one to two feet tall. The best way to make these hats would be cardstock or construction paper. Grab a set of metal rings, and you’re good to go! You could also make rings by cutting out the inside part of a paper plate. The toddler that’s able to get the most number of rings around a hat, wins the game!


7. Halloween Scavenger / Treasure Hunt

If you’re someone that goes all out with Halloween decorations, this might be a good game to keep all those toddlers busy. List down different Halloween-themed decorations for them to find. Some ideas could include spiders, mini-pumpkins, webs, a skeleton, and more! The toddler (or toddler team) to find all the things on the list first, wins! 


8. Spiderweb Walking Game

Using some sort of tape, you can draw a web on the floor and have toddlers try to walk on the lines without “falling off” the web. The game can be made more challenging or difficult by adding more obstacles to avoid, or by creating bonuses to ‘pick up’ on the way from start to finish. 


9. Spooky Halloween Dance Party

This one is a personal favorite! Create a dark room that is completely empty of furniture and loose objects. Throw in some spooky Halloween-themed LED decorations (just enough so its not completely pitch dark). Give each toddler glow-stick bracelets and necklaces and play dance music and allow the kids to go dance crazy inside! Guaranteed to work off all the sugar rush they’ve built up during Trick or Treating!

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Got any other quick Halloween games for toddlers?

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