Grumpo’s Gratitude Jar

Grumpo's Gratitude Jar

This year, let’s be grateful before we ask for more, 
Even Grumpo’s got things to be thankful for!

What you'd need:

Nutella jar/mason jar

Fairy lights or an electrical candle

Grumpo Printables 

Sketch pens, markers, glitter or anything else you'd like to decorate your jar with

What to do:

  1. Download our Grumpo printable here, and get it printed out to fit your jar! We have two - one in color, and one you can color yourself! 
  2. Put adhesive over Grumpo's face and slip it into the jar, to stick on the sides. Make sure you smooth over the creases, before letting it dry.
  3. Put in the fairy lights, or your candle.
  4. Sprinkle glitter and sequins, or add ribbons, like we've done.

Your jar is ready to be put on your dining table! Make sure you place a small card or paper slip next to each person's cutlery to have them write what they're thankful for - it can be an event, a person, an achievement or anything else you'd like.

Once that's done, stuff the slips in, and turn on your fairy lights or candle. You can either take turns picking one out to read or save it to unearth and read next Thanksgiving! The best part - it can be re-used next year!

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