A list of 10 of the most interesting personalized gifts for adults

If you’re still someone who gives your friends generic blue sweaters, let’s be real,  you could stand to up your gift-giving game. Personalized gifts are a great way to break out of the sweater-perfume-scarf cycle.  Personalization used to just mean putting a name on a pen or a notebook, but now there are many more interesting ways to personalize gifts - and many more kinds of gifts you can get that are personalized. We scoured the internet for some of the more unconventional personalized gifts you could get your loved one. Here are the top ten we found:

1. Mega Dad Comic Book


$35 USD

This personalized comic book follows Mega Dad as he goes on many adventures, helps people with his super strength, takes on evil stuffed animals, and saves the day! The Mega Dad personalized comic book makes a great father’s day or birthday gift from your little one to dad. Mega Dad is also great for friends that have become new parents. You can customize the book with three different skin tones, add in a child’s name, and a custom personalized dedication as well. However, you can’t add in Mega Dad’s name - cause, well, he’s Mega Dad! 


2. Star Maps


$44.99 USD

Star Maps custom prints a map of how the stars were aligned on any day you choose. You can customize the style in which the map is printed, as well as the text on the bottom. These custom printed start maps are great for wedding days, birthdays, the day you met your significant other, or when your kid was born. Honestly, this gift works great for any day you consider to be important. 

The star map ships unframed, so you might want to consider shipping it well ahead of time if you’d like to frame it before gifting it. 


3. Kid Quotes Custom Wall Art


$55.00 - $110.00 USD

A great way to immortalize your kid’s or a friend’s kid’s words forever, and a surefire way to embarrass them later in life. These prints are one of the best ways to preserve your kid’s crazy remarks or strangely profound statements on life. These custom prints are a really cute gift and make for a lot of laughs. You can pick from different watercolor backgrounds, choose to add a subheading at the top, and some context at the bottom. You can get these custom prints framed or unframed. 


4. Cartoon Portrait


$53 USD

These custom-drawn cartoon portraits are a fun alternative to printing a picture for a normal picture to put in a photo frame. These portraits are digitally drawn from a photo you provide. The details or background of the portrait can be customized as well. The drawings are delivered in digital PDF format, so you would have to get them printed out yourself.


5. The Orangey-Tan: Adult Limited Edition

Manimal Tales

$24.99 USD


If your loved one was not particularly a fan of the last president - this might be the best gift you could give them. The Orangey-Tan is a personalized book that features Donald Trump as an orange ape. The beautifully illustrated story follows as Orangey-tan is crowned king of Manimal forest, and proceeds to destroy everything. 

Your customized character comes to the rescue and helps the rest of the animals protest against Orangey and drive him away. You can customize your character from ten different options, add a name, and include a customized personal dedication. A slightly shorter version is also available for kids here. Manimal Tales also donates a portion of the profits to Room to Read, a non-profit organization working for child literacy across the world.


6. A 23andme DNA testing kit


$99 - $199 USD

The ultimate personalized gift - a DNA testing kit. A DNA testing kit can make a great gift for someone trying to find out more about where their family is from, and more about their ethnicity. 23andme reports include in-depth ancestry and health information that could tell you more about your personal story and help you make better health decisions. There are 3 plans to choose from - one with just ancestry results, another with ancestry and health results, and the third is an on-going subscription that provides you with new results and reports as they become available. 


7. A formal pet portrait

Crown and Paw

$59.95 USD

For all your crazy pet mom and dad friends - a formal pet portrait could be just the thing they need. Crown and Paw takes a photo you provide of your pet and turns it into an epic portrait that is worthy of a wall all by itself. 

You can choose from over 150 different costumes across different themes like renaissance, jobs, sports, and more. You can also put the same portrait on different products like phone cases, blankets, pillows, and mugs. You can even include up to four pets in the same portrait. 


8. Cameo Video Message


$50 - $1500 USD

Cameo lets you ask your loved one’s favorite celebrity to record a video message for them! The website has an extremely long list of celebrities to choose from, including actors, musicians, athletes, TV personalities, and more. Some noteworthy names include Floyd Mayweather, Mia Hamm, Alice Cooper, Tomi Lahren, Ernie Hudson, Ice Cube, and so many more. Some stars also donate a portion or all of the proceeds to a charity or non-profit organization. These video messages will definitely be a fantastic surprise for a star-obsessed friend. 


9. LitFriends Saint Selfie Custom Prayer Candle


$20 USD

Have a friend that is the complete opposite of a saint? Or one that is holier-than-thou but has a great sense of humor? This might be the perfect gag gift for them. You can customize this prayer candle with a picture of your friend, a custom “Saint” name, as well as a custom prayer on the back of the candle. You can also choose the color of the wax from a few options or exclude the custom prayer on the back. 


10. Fingerprint Rings


$136 USD


These unique rings feature you, your family’s or your partner’s fingerprints that are etched into sterling silver. You can add up to 2 or 3 different fingerprints on one ring and even have it inscribed on the inside with a personal message. All you need to take a print is follow the simple instructions when ordering - you just need tape, a piece of white paper, and a pencil. The website also has other options for fingerprint jewelry, including charm bracelets, pendants, cufflinks, and more. 

Have you come across any unique personalized gifts we’ve missed here? Let us know in the comments!

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